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Thank you for considering R.A.N.S. Property Management for your rental needs. We hope we can assist you in finding a rental; the following items will be followed for the screening process. If any applicant fails to pass any step of the process, the application/s will be denied.

  1. Please fill out the application completely. All applicants must provide accurate landlord and other phone numbers; occupancy shall be limited to two people per bedroom. Anyone over 18 years of age must be listed as an applicant and sign the application. Legibility is a must, or applications will not be processed.
  2. Cosigner: A qualified cosigner is one who: A. Fills out the cosigner sheet completely. (A close family member is preferred.) B. Provides proof of source, stability and amount of income. C. The cosigner’s income shall be five times the rent amount.
  3. Social Security and driver’s license numbers: Please provide verification of these numbers for each applicant upon request. Provide an Oregon picture identification card if you do not have a driver’s license. Out of state driver’s licenses must be current.
  4. Demeanor: Applicant’s demeanor (attitude and behavior) during the screening process will be considered.
  5. Income: The income shall be three times the stated monthly rent. Applicant/s shall provide verification of source, stability and amount of income. Acceptable items for proof of income shall be pay stubs or tax returns.
  6. References: All previous and current landlord references and personal references must be correct and verifiable. We will make up to three attempts to verify your references. Any negative reference may result in application denial.
  7. Judgments/Collections: The landlord will conduct a search of civil court records for each applicant. Applications may be denied for FEDs, convictions, unsatisfied judgments, misdemeanors or felony convictions.
  8. Credit Check: A credit check will be run. R.A.N.S. Property Management may factor in credit worthiness as associated with payment history in determining prospective tenants risk assessment.
  9. Any information provided (verbal or written) that is incomplete, inaccurate, negative, unverifiable, or falsified shall be immediate grounds for the denial of the application or subsequent termination of tenancy. All deposits and move-in costs are to be paid by cash, check, money order or cashier’s check. Information listed here or given by R.A.N.S. Property Management is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, any tenants or prospective tenants should see both the inside and outside of the property and then decide if the property is right for you.

Downloadable Forms

Click here for downloadable application (1 per non-married person over 18. Fill this out and bring it to our office, or FAX it, or send it by mail. All applications MUST BE SIGNED before processing can begin.)

Click here for downloadable co-signer form (A co-signer form will be needed in some cases; for example, when a prospective tenant has less than a year of rental history, or insufficient income.)

Need to Mail your Rent Check?

Send your checks to:

R.A.N.S. Property
Management, Inc.

2473 Dale Avenue

Eugene, OR 97408

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