RANS Property Management

Tenant Resources

Important Contact Info

  • EWEB (electricity: Eugene) 484-6016
  • SUB (electricity: Springfield) 746-9599
  • N.W. NATURAL (gas) 342-3661
  • Sanipac (garbage service) 746-9599
  • Lane Apex (garbage service) 607-9093
  • Post Master (mail box lock changes) 341-3649

Basic Rules

  • QUIET HOURS: 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Sunday thru Thursday. 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Friday & Saturday.
  • CLEANLINESS: You are expected to keep your premises in habitable conditions (messy dwellings attract ants and roaches). You are also expected to help to keep the common areas clean (sweep your porch; pick up loose trash, etc.). Smokers must put cigarette butts in can, NOT on ground. NO SMOKING INSIDE.
  • PARKING: Parking is usually limited in neighborhoods, two cars are normally allowed (one car at apartments), if you require more parking; please consult your manager for approval. Guests may park in appropriate parking spaces if available, but please remember tenants always have first priority.
  • PROBLEMS: Please report all problems (leaks, repairs, noise, etc.) to your manager immediately. Call 344-2738 or e-mail RANSPM@aol.com.
  • LANDSCAPING: If landscaping is provided, the owner provides for a landscaper to mow lawns, remove leaves and trim trees and bushes. If you wish to volunteer to do more (plant flowers) please inform us of your intentions. If landscaping is NOT provided, you are responsible for keeping lawns mowed, yards weeded, leaves raked, etc.
  • PAINTING: If you wish to paint your dwelling, the owner may provide all paint and materials necessary. Please consult with your manager before starting.

Important Tips

When weather gets below freezing, please remember these important tips:

  • Disconnect all garden hoses from exterior hose bibs. Cover spigots.
  • Let hot and cold water trickle at night/day (during cold spells), preferably from faucets on any outside walls. (Remember, hot water freezes faster than cold! Washing machines will also freeze.)
  • Open cabinet doors (during cold spells) to expose heat to uninsulated pipes under a sink near all outer walls.
  • Make sure heat is on and set no lower than 55 degrees.
  • Make sure all flammable material such as newspapers, clothing, furniture, toys, etc. are away from all heaters and outlets. It is also a good idea to remove any dust that may have built up over the summer. DO NOT use your oven for heating.

To check at least once, preferably twice a year:

  • For everyone’s safety, please check your smoke detectors, and change batteries, at least once a year.
  • Change filter of heating system (if applicable) every 6 months.
  • Clean out gutters each fall, after leaves have fallen.


If you are planning to move, whether your lease is fulfilled, or you are on a month-to-month tenancy, a 30 day written notice must be submitted to our office. Here is a link to a "30 Day Notice of Resident's Intent to Vacate", for your convenience.

Need to Mail your Rent Check?

Send your checks to:

R.A.N.S. Property
Management, Inc.

2473 Dale Avenue

Eugene, OR 97408

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